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Hollywood Elite: A New Outlet for Composers To Reach Out
With ancillary uses of recordings increasingly becoming the horse that drives the music biz, a new web platform called Hollywood Elite Composers is betting on the idea that there can never be enough revenue streams for the established working musician. The technology is designed to provide music for use in film, TV, radio, advertising and games, whether itís original or being repurposed.

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New Website brings together 'Elite' composers
The new Hollywood Elite Composers project invites A-List composers to keep 100 percent ownership of their copyright and join a powerful select brand. This online platform allows for obtaining and licensing original television and film scores and songs for independent and large studio projects.

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Hollywood Elite Composers launches!
Last week something had dramatically changed for the world of composers for film, television, and video games. This new option is called Hollywood Elite Composers and allows composers to keep 100% ownership of their copyright. The finest composers in the business can connect directly to anyone wishing to license their music, and in a much more controlled manner than alternative licensing options.

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